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Harvey Livestock Feed Fundraiser

Harvey Livestock Feed Fundraiser

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9/2 through 9/25/17

We at Ellington Agway are animal lovers just like you, so the images and stories of horses, cattle, & other livestock affected by Hurricane Harvey are heartbreaking.

We just wrapped up a drive of pet food and livestock supplies that will begin its trip to Texas tomorrow.

Now, in an added effort to help those affected, we've partnered with Nutrena Feed to collect funds to ship pallets of livestock feed directly to the areas affected by Hurricane Harvey. All we must do is raise the money... Nutrena has extended special pallet pricing to us on a select list of items. As enough money is raised, we will place the pallet order(s), which Nutrena will ship to a drop point in a flood-affected area.

Our initial goal is $290 - enough for 1-pallet of All Stock feed. However, the more money we raise, the more displaced animals we'll be able to feed. Every little bit helps, so please consider donating. Donations may be made in-store or via the GoFundMe link provided. Once the need for feed has passed, all remaining funds will be donated to the American Red Cross.

Thank you for your support!

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