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The #1 Choice for Powerful Protection Against Snakes

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Repel snakes and keep them out with Dr. T’s Snake-A-Way® -the tested solution that repels poisonous and non-poisonous varieties of snakes. Even rattlesnakes don’t stand a chance against the power of Snake-A-Way®. Snake-A-Way is long-lasting, and starts to work immediately after application. It’s easy to apply; wearing gloves, spread the granules along the perimeter of the area you want to protect to create a snake barrier. To repel garter snakes, sprinkle Snake-A-Way® in bands 4-5 inches wide, and to repel rattle snakes, sprinkle in bands 8-12 inches wide. The unique blend of sulfur and naphthalene in Snake-A-Way works to temporarily disrupt a snake’s sensory receptors via its Jacobson’s Organ (auxiliary olfactory sense organ). This successfully disorients the snake, causing it to slither away in search of fresh air.

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