Nest-EZ™ Nesting Ball, Krafts By Kevin


The Nest-EZ™ Nesting Ball is a grapevine ball filled with all‑natural material that birds can use to line their nests. The lining provides a fast‑drying soft cushion to protect bird eggs and hatchlings. A strand of jute twine is attached to each ball for hanging. Nest-EZ™ Nesting Balls can be hung from a tree branch, a fence or a shepherd’s hook. The ball may also be suspended inside a bird cage. Nesting balls can be hung year‑round. Be sure to hang nesting balls at least five feet from the ground outside the reach of mammals. Also, do not hang them too close to areas of high human activity.

Kraft's By Kevin™ strives to make all of their products safe for the environment. Nest-EZ™ Nesting Balls are no exception. You can feel good about promoting bird habitats and protecting the environment! We hope you enjoy watching birds visit a Nest-EZ™ Nesting Ball in your own backyard! Also makes a great gift for the bird-lover in your life.

About Krafts By Kevin™
Kevin is a 24 year old man with autism and limited verbal abilities. He enjoys recreation and volunteer activities. In his spare time, he makes nesting balls. Kevin has paid employment for a total of 5 hours per week at a clothing store and a local farm.
Over 85% of people with developmental disabilities are unemployed. Kevin's family started Krafts By Kevin™ in March 2017 to help address this problem. Kevin is the first employee. Our first product is the Nest-EZ™ Nesting Ball for birds. Due to the growing popularity of bird watching, Krafts By Kevin™ sold over 500 Nest-EZ™ Nesting Balls in the Company’s first three months!

The long term goal of Krafts By Kevin™ is to provide paid employment for individuals with and without disabilities in an integrated, disability‑friendly work environment. Thank you for supporting the mission at Krafts By Kevin™.  Click here to visit the Krafts By Kevin™ website.