Squirrel-B-Gone Max Squirrel Proof Birdfeeder with FlexPorts #334

This squirrel proof feeder offers more than just the typical squirrel protection. In additional to its effective weight-activated seed protection, this feeder is equipped with FlexPorts. Birds love 'em, squirrels hate 'em! FlexPorts make the feeder 4x more shake-resistant, so squirrels can't defeat the feeder by knocking all the seed to the ground. The innovative ports also help protect the seed from wet weather conditions. When your seed is better protected from squirrels and from the weather, you save money! With less spilled seed, your feeding area stays cleaner. Birds love the ladder-style perches, which allow more than one bird to feed at the same time. The "outside the tube" feeding position makes birds feel safer from predators, and you get to watch them for longer!
  • 4 Feeding FlexPorts
  • Hang With 18" Clearance On All Sides
  • Holds 4 LB Seed
  • Powder coated metal frame for durability

Works great with these kinds of seed: Black Oil Sunflower, sunflower hearts/chips/kernels, Safflower or your favorite premium mixed seed.

Dimensions: 17.5" tall x 9" round