Hotsticks Kindling, 0.30 Cu. Ft.

Hotsticks Kindling is Kiln-Dried and cut 9 to 11 inches long and split 1/8 to 1 inch thick, just the right size to start any fire. Hotsticks Kindling is perfect to use when your firewood is damp, poorly seasoned or too large to start on its own. Hotsticks Kindling makes starting a fire easy!*

Hotsticks Kindling is made of 100% natural wood that is USDA Certified, Kiln Dried and packaged in a .30 cu. ft. – 4.25 mil bag with a strong integrated-reinforced handle. Use it to start any fire, to burn in chimeneas or in small wood stoves. Also, kids love to play with them when used as all natural building Blocks. They can build roads, train tracks, log homes and forts. It may be the most inexpensive toy you can buy, that kids will love and will use over and over again. Or, after they are done you can start a fire to roast  arshmallows! (Not responsible for splinters)
  • Easy to light
  • USDA Certified Bug and Spore Free
  • APHIS Compliant
  • EDI and EFT Capable

*Always practice fire safety