Proven Winners® leafjoy H2O® Bowl - Assorted Plants


This product is available in-store only.

Proven Winners® leafjoy H2O® Bowls are pretty glass planters with one of an assortment of high-performance hydroponic plants from the Proven Winners® collection. A perfect houseplant option for new or experienced gardeners, these virtually care-free houseplants can be placed anywhere in the home, no matter the light level, and require virtually no care other than adding water (if needed) every 1-2 months. Place your leafjoy H2O Bowl on your bedside tables, windowsills, desks, kitchen counters, in bathrooms – literally any place you want to bring nature inside™!

Assorted plants may include (based on availability):
Jewel Alocasia, Autograph Tree, various Pothos, Swiss Cheese Vine, various Philodendron, various Arrowhead vines, Tradescantia and more

Image shown may differ slightly from actual product due to material availability. Each sold separately.