QuackUps 5.5" Hummingbird Home™ with Nesting Fibers


QuackUps Hummingbird Nesting Home is designed to provide a perfect place to nest. It has nesting fiber essential for nest building. QuackUps Hummingbird Home™ easily clips on a branch. It has a Nesting Ring, the best place to nest. Hummingbirds usually build on an intersection of branches. They look for safety, stability, convenience, and a nearby source of nest-building fibers, food, and water for raising their chicks. They don't lay eggs in birdhouses or caverns. A finished hummingbird nest is only a bit larger than a walnut and almost weightless. They use fibers from flowers and spider webs to weave their nests to perfection.

QuackUps Hummingbird Home™ is the best base in the bush on which to nest. It has all the qualities needed for nesting.

ATTRACTIVE DESIGN: This Hummingbird Home is designed to attract hummingbirds. Hummingbirds instinctively watch for red things and investigate them. Undoubtedly, the red flower stuffed with nesting fiber essential for nest building will be a hit!

EASY to INSTALL - It already comes with a clip. All you have to do is clip it on a firm branch in a bush or a tree. A clip that assures a discreet attachment to a branch and blends in to appear like a natural branch.

HELP A HUMMINGBIRD MOMMA BUILD A HOME - Think like a Hummingbird; where's a good place to build my nest? Hummingbird Home comes with a nesting ring, the best place to nest. The amazing Hummingbird Mom does all the work, from building a nest to raising the young. Here's your chance to lend Hummingbird Mommas a hand in the nest building.

INSPIRING PLACE TO NEST - Hummingbirds are opportunistic nesters. They go for safe, secure places to nest. It takes a bit of nature and instincts mixed with a little random luck. This is your chance to bring nature to your backyard.

HELP SAVE HUMMINGBIRDS, BUILD A HUMMINGBIRD HABITAT - Hummingbirds play an important role as pollinators in our ecosystem. They move from flower to flower, pollinating as they go. If hummingbirds went extinct, the mites could go extinct, too, because they would have no way of getting from flower to flower. Then the flowers, because they depend on the hummingbirds and mites to spread pollen, also go extinct.

It's really simple. QuackUps Hummingbird Home™ will be most successful if a hummingbird feeder is nearby.

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