Jonathan Green 4-Bag Annual Lawn Program

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Feed your LAWN and your SOIL - Use the only annual lawn program that does both!

A complete feeding program that prevents crabgrass, controls weeds, prepares lawns for winter, adjusts soil PH, reduces soil compaction, and stimulates soil microbes to release “trapped” soil nutrients!

Program includes 4 bags:

Step 1 - Green-Up Lawn Food with Crabgrass Preventer
(Apply March 1st through April 30th)

Step 2 - Green-Up Weed & Feed Lawn Food 
(Apply May 1st through June 15th)

Step 3 - MAG-I-CAL Plus® for Lawns in Acidic + Hard Soil  
(Apply June 15th through August 30th)

Step 4 - Winter Survival Fall Lawn Food
(Apply September 1st through November 30th)