Rocking Hummingbird Garden Stake, 44"


Terra Verde Rocking Bird Garden Stakes provide unique and whimsical accents for any garden. The painted steel birds balance on top of a sturdy steel stake and rock back and forth in the wind.

This large kinetic hummingbird features a 3" long bill, compact 6" body and forward-reaching wings set off by a counter-balance. The hummingbird balances on its bill atop a decorative flower-style stake that is rust-colored with yellow accents. The body is designed to appear as if it is in flight with wings spread wide, arching forward with a span of about 21" at the widest. The stake is roughly 44" tall overall, and about 18" wide (from tip of tail to furthest points of the wings). Attractive rust-color finish with painted detail on the hummingbird's body, face, wings and tail. Makes a great gift, and a beautiful centerpiece in any landscape as a nice breeze causes the bird to rock and sway. T70 WX17230

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