Make Your Own Terrarium Kit


Create your own beautiful terrarium with this easy-to-use kit and your own succulents or small plants! Join the indoor-gardening craze by building your own unique terrarium. This kit has everything you need to get started- just add your own plants! Great for "girls night" in, craft night, school projects, first-timers, housewarming, party centerpieces and more!

Start by making a drainage layer at the base of the terrarium using the included Hydro Stones. Add a thin layer of green moss, and then layer on your soil mix. Now you're ready to plant your succulents or other small plants and add your own personal finishing touches, then top with the decorative glass lid. You'll love how it looks in your home! Add a pretty ribbon or hand-made tag to your terrarium to create a personalized gift.

*Kit includes:

  • Pretty, 8" tall glass vessel & matching lid
  • Hydro Stones - This high-performance soilless growing media is engineered to deliver proper air and water balance for optimal growing conditions. Breakthrough technology is used to create this 100% recycled, 100% American-made growing material. .5 quart
  • Sustainably Harvested Green Moss - This all-natural Green Moss is sustainably harvested in the shady forests of the Pacific Northwest. It is clean and light,, yet durable and long-lasting, making it a great choice for drainage and decoration. All-natural; absolutely no preservatives. No added coloring. Ideal for container gardening & terrariums. 30 cubic inches
  • Special Soil Mix - This ultimate multi-purpose potting soil combines a balanced blend of ample nutrients and good drainage essential for healthy, thriving plants. All-natural compost and rice hulls are blended in small batches to ensure optimum organic growing conditions. Ideal for container gardening. Made with plant-based by-products. 1 quart

*Plants not included