Root Vegetable Seeds

This product is available in-store only.

We carry a large variety of root vegetable seeds from Agway (Seedway), Hart's Seeds and New England Seed Company. We offer Non-GMO, GE-Free, Heirloom and some organic varieties*

Varieties may include (pending availability):

  • Beets: Cylindra, Detroit Dark Red, Detroit Golden, Early Wonder, Red Ace, Touchstone Gold
  • Carrots: Danvers 126, Nantes Long, Royal Chantenay, Little Finger, Danvers Half Long, Rainbow Mix, Imperator 58
  • Onions: Long White Bunching, Sweet Spanish, White Portugal (Scallions)
  • Parsnips: All American, Hollow Crown
  • Radishes: Red Arrow Daiken, Champion, Cherry Belle, Chinese Winter White, Crayon Colors Mix, Early Scarlet Globe, Easter Egg
  • Turnips: Purple Top White Globe, Seven Top

Seed Buying 101: A Seed Gardener's Glossary