Bluebird House Portal- Galvanized Steel, Erva #PH1

by Erva
Bluebird House Portal- Galvanized Steel, Erva #PH1
One of the requirements for attracting and keeping Bluebirds year-round is to provide adequate shelter and a clean place to nest safely. Nesting songbirds and their eggs can be extremely vulnerable to predators & pests such as larger birds, squirrels, cats, raccoons and more. Make a safe nesting box for your Bluebirds, making sure to provide the correct size opening for the birds to enter while minimizing intruders. Use this metal plate to prevent squirrels, mice and woodpeckers from chewing/drilling and enlarging the opening on any nesting box with an existing 1.5" opening. The portal is made of galvanized steel with a tan powder-coated finish, and is easy to install with the included galvanized screws.

*Proudly made in the USA
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