BioAdvanced 5-in-1 Weed & Feed 4,000 sq. ft.

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One Blue Bag is all you need! It kills lawn weeds. It prevents new weeds. It kills Crabgrass and prevents new Crabgrass. Plus, it feeds and greens up to 3 months. Our revolutionary formula prevents new weeds – up to 6 months! And if Crabgrass is your problem, we have you covered. 5 In 1 Weed and Feed kills Crabgrass and prevents new Crabgrass – up to 6 months. 5 In 1 takes the guesswork out of lawn care. Apply it in spring or early summer, even if Crabgrass and weeds have already sprouted. It doesn’t matter. Since it’s both a preventer and killer, one application gets results. One Blue Bag is all you need.

KILLS TOUGH WEEDS: Apply to actively growing turf to target hard to kill weeds like dandelions, clovers and black medic; plus, our revolutionary formula kills over 200 types of weeds
PREVENTS NEW WEEDS: Creates an extended 6-month control barrier that prevents new weeds from emerging
KILLS LARGE CRABGRASS: Contains four proven weed killers to control crabgrass, killing to the root. Crabgrass starts to turn purple in 3 days – that’s the sign it’s working
PREVENTS NEW CRABGRASS: Prevents crabgrass from reemerging for up to 6 months by forming a barrier at the top layer of the soil. And it won’t harm your lawn when used as directed
GREENS UP TO 3 MONTHS: Fertilizer formula feeds your lawn for quick greening, long-lasting feeding and stronger turf

Treats up to 4,000 Sq. Ft.
Guaranteed Analysis: 22-0-4

Net Weight 9.6 lb.