Tomcot Apricot Tree, 7-Gallon

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Prunus X Tomcot

Color: Pink Shades, Yellow Shades
Height: 15-20 Feet
Spread: 15-20 Feet
Zone: 5-8

  • Semi-dwarf
  • Consistent producer of yellow fruit with a ruby blush
  • Vigorous
  • Partially self-pollinating
  • Early maturing, late July and early August
  • Tasty fresh or preserved, and especially as a dessert apricot
  • Pink bloom late April or early May

(Semi-Dwarf) The Tomcot™ Apricot is a consistently good producer of yellow fruit with a ruby blush where the sun has touched the skin. It's a vigorous selection and partially self-pollinating meaning it will set considerable fruit on its own in your backyard garden but would set far heavier crops if pollinated by another selection of Apricot. It's an early maturing Apricot producing luscious fruit for you to pick and eat right off the tree in late July and early August. While its fruit will be tasty preserved it holds up best as a dessert quality Apricot that will have you drooling for more! Plant Tomcot™ in spots where spring frosts are less frequent because its massive pink bloom in late April or early May can be damaged causing poor fruit set. All Apricots love full sun and well-drained soil.

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