Aspen Song Choice Blend 40 Lbs.

Contains Over 30% Sunflowers & Peanuts
  • No Filler Seeds
  • Attracts a Variety of Songbirds

Aspen Song® Choice Blend contains many of the favorite seeds and nuts of the songbirds visiting backyard feeders. It includes no filler seeds or cereal grains. This general purpose mix can be the foundation for creating a backyard bird habitat.

Who Will Show Up at the Feeder?
Expect to see an array of visitors including cardinals and grosbeaks, chickadees and nuthatches, woodpeckers, sparrows, finches, and doves. Aspen Song Choice Blend is formulated to appeal to wide variety of songbirds.

What’s the Best Feeder To Use?
Offer tube-style feeder, hopper feeder, or platform feeder.