Rustic Farmhouse Bat House

by Panacea

Are mosquitoes ruining your outdoor summer fun? Is your garden being attacked by insect pests? Are you tired of spraying pesticides around your home to control the bugs? If so, you need a bat house! Did you know that a single bat can catch up to 1,000 or more mosquitoes (or similar sized insects) in one hour? Besides mosquitoes, bats also eat Cucumber and June Beetles, Stinkbugs, Leafhoppers, Cutworm and Corn Earworm Moths among other pesky insects. This rustic design single-chamber bat shelter is constructed with wood and corrugated, galvanized metal roof, with a metal bat decoration on the front. Mount the bat house 8 ft. up on a large tree or to an exterior wall of a barn or shed in a sheltered location. Soon you should have up to 25 bats living nearby & eating up those pesky insects.

Dimensions: 5" X 12" X 16"