Behrens 1.5 Gallon Aged Galvanized Steel Compost Pail

by Behrens

You've ditched plastic straws for metal ones, stocked up on reusable food containers, and swapped out your old cleaning products for organic alternatives. The next logical step in your eco–warrior journey is taking on composting.

Vintage industrial style, Behrens compost galvanized pail is a simple way to turn everyday kitchen food scraps into garden gold while making positive change and reducing landfill waste. Reminiscent of something from bygone days that has been updated for 21st century aesthetic and sensibilities, the hand–painted, galvanized steel construction prevents rusting and messy leaks while the kitchen pail stores your organic waste on your counter or under the sink.

The hand–painted finish of the small galvanized pail highlights agedness, rawness, and roughness with embossed logo reminiscent of vintage industrial design. Sturdy, lightweight and includes two activated–charcoal filters in the lid to effectively reduce odors and composting instructions. Use Behrens 1.5 gallon coordinating compostable bags to protect your pail and eliminate the need for plastic bags. Easy to remove when full and can be placed directly in your outdoor compost bin or for local municipality collection service.

Rest assured. Behrens products are thoroughly tested and do not require any Prop65 warning labels.

To protect the painted steel do not use harsh chemicals or cleaners and wipe dry with soft cloth. Do not place in dishwasher.

Dimensions: 7.5 × 7.5 × 11 in
Model#: Y19CC1