Biochar Soil Conditioner


A better garden starts with better soil. Biochar improves the health of any soil, so you can have beautiful plants and a bountiful garden…with less work!

Biochar naturally increases microbial activity in your soil so you lawn and garden roots get more water and nutrients every day. Biochar works in any type of soil to help you get healthier plants with less work!

Ingredients: 100% Wood Biochar

  • HEALTHIER SOIL — Increases microbial activity and helps get the right balance of water and nutrients to roots
  • PERFECT FOR ANY TYPE OF PLANT – Use indoor and outdoor, raised garden beds, trees, shrubs, lawn, golf course — anything that grows!
  • OMRI-LISTED, FSC-CERTIFIED, MADE IN USA — Certified for use in organic gardens and farms; Made of virgin wood scraps from FSC-Certified forests in the USA.
  • USE LESS WATER — Helps soil retain moisture and deliver water to plant roots more efficiently so you can use less water and reduce the work of watering. Great for use in areas prone to erosion and to improve drought resistance.
  • ADD TO YOUR CURRENT ROUTINE — If you use fertilizer or other products, biochar will help reduce washaway, so other additives work better with less
  • REDUCES GREENHOUSE GAS EMISSIONS — Biochar prevents carbon dioxide, methane and other harmful gases from entering our atmosphere. Every 1 pound of biochar eliminates 2 pounds of carbon dioxide, helping to slow climate change.
  • ADDITIONAL ENVIRONMENTAL BENEFITS — Returns carbon to the earth to enhance soil quality for generations; Prevents metals and toxins from leaching into your garden; Even the process of manufacturing biochar is carbon-negative.

Available in 1 gallon or 1 cubic foot bags.

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