Blue Seal Caprine Challenger Goat Feed, 50 lbs.


Caprine Challenger is a high-protein, high-energy formulation of crimped oats, flaked and cracked corn, and pellets wrapped in highly palatable molasses. This highly fortified, fixed-component formula sweet feed is ideal for young growing kids, yearling replacements, inactive bucks, and dry and pregnant does.

High Protein - An 18% minimum protein promotes high milk production and optimum growth.

Very Palatable - Maintains consistent feed intake

Trace minerals and vitamins - Formulated to provide trace minerals and vitamins to help support optimal animal health and performance.

Fixed Components - A consistent formula to prevent sudden changes in the diet and to maintain good digestive health and function

Packaging:  50-lb Bag

Life Stage:  Breeder, Grower, Starter

Feed Type:  Complete Feed

Feed Form:  Textured