Boss Tactical™ Dog Leash, 4ft.

These leashes are made from heavy duty materials and are constructed to last. Leashes include a built-in traffic handle for extra control when you need it. Our rugged tactical look, combined with functional design, make Boss Tactical leashes the perfect choice for your boss dog! Pair with our Tactical Dog Collar for the full Boss Dog experience. Treat Your Pet, Like a Boss™!
  • Aviation Aluminum- The two-trigger anti-rust safety clip on both the Collars and Leashes is made with this durable, lightweight, anti-rust material!
  • Military Grade Nylon- The nylon webbing and neoprene lining are military grade to ensure high durability and quality for Boss Nation!
  • Tactical Look & Feel- The Tactical design stands for a BOSS look with materials to match, including soft neoprene lining. Treat Your Pet, Like a Boss™!

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