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Antirrhinum majus
Annual Flower

  • Available Colors: Shades of Pink, Orange, White, Yellow, Red, and Purple.
  • Bloom Time: Spring to Mid-Fall
  • Height Range: 8-36"
  • Space Range: 8-18"
  • Plant Light: Sun to Part Shade
  • Requires Well-Drained Soil

This old-fashioned favorite is sure to attract attention.
Brilliant spikes of color cheer up any garden setting.
Blooms all summer and tolerates frost. Cut flowers are
long-lasting in fresh bouquets. Available in dwarf, intermediate
and tall varieties. Snapdragons get their name from the snapping
action of each bloom. When you squeeze the sides of the flower,
its jaws open and snap shut when you let go.

Uses: The perfect choice for beds and borders. Looks great in
rock gardens. Perfect for all kinds of containers. Wonderful for
combination plantings.

Many varieties and colors to choose from. Please contact us for current availability.