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Celosia Species
Annual Flower

  • Available Colors: Shades of Orange, Red, Yellow, Pink and Mixed Colors
  • Bloom Time: Late Spring to Mid-Fall
  • Height Range: 6-36"
  • Space Range: 9-15"
  • Plant Light: Full Sun 
  • Zone: 10-12

Celosia are known for their bright, soft-to-the-touch blooms. Depending on the variety chosen, the blooms may be a wavy ridge resembling a velvety rooster's comb (crested) or a fluffy, feather-like stalk (plumed). These fun and colorful plants thrive with full sun and consistent watering.

Uses: The perfect choice for beds and borders. Superb for baskets, containers and window boxes. Excellent cut flowers for fresh or dried arrangements.

Special characteristics: tolerates a light frost

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