Herb, Sage - Purple 1 Gallon

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Salvia o. Purpurescens - Purple Sage
Annual Herb

Color: Purple Shades
Height: 24-32 Inches
Spread: 30-36 Inches
Plant Light: Full Sun 
Zone: 7-9

  • Greyish-purple foliage
  • Great in gardens and containers
  • Perfect for seasoning a wide range of foods, from meat to vegetables
  • Dries well, can be used in wreaths and potpourris
  • Easy to grow
A colorful plant with a load of uses! Purple sage's grayish purple foliage is a stand out either in the garden or growing in a container and is widely used in seasoning a range of foods from stuffing to meats to vegetables. It also dries beautifully for use in wreaths and potpourris. Easy to grow, loves full sun and well-drained soil. 

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