Tomato, Striped German 1-Gallon

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Tomato Heirloom Striped German

Color: Red Shades 
Height: 5-7 Feet
Spread: 2-3 Feet
Plant Light: Full Sun 
Zone: 8-10 What is my zone?

  • Large, ribbed fruit
  • Pattern of red and yellow on the skin
  • Fruity, smooth-textured taste
  • Fruit retains bi-color pattern as it matures
Here's a tomato that looks as good as it tastes with large, ribbed shouldered fruit maturing with a pattern of red and yellow skin that gives it a subtle striped look. Once the fruit matures in 78 days you'll find its flesh carries the same bi-color striping pattern and that it has a taste that is fruity, smooth textured, and complex.

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