Crispin Apple Tree, 7-Gallon

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Malus Crispin (Mutsu)

Color: Yellow Shades
Height: 8-10 Feet
Spread: 15-16 Feet
Zone: 4-8

  • Excellent Apple For Cooking!
  • Great fresh and in the kitchen
  • Large, juicy and pleasantly tart
  • Heavy bearer of golden-yellow fruit with an orange blush
  • Producer of award winning applesauce
  • Crispin is a robust and versatile late season apple

Equally good for eating fresh or in the kitchen, 'Crispin' is large and juicy and pleasantly tart. In Autumn a heavy bearer of golden yellow fruit with an orange blush. Producer of award winning aplesauce! Crispin' is a robust and versatile late-season Apple, and is of Golden Delicious and Indo Apple parentage. Developed in Japan; also called 'Mutsu'.

Homeowner Growing and Maintenance Tips:
Plant in moist, well-drained soil in full sun. Plant near 2 pollinators such as Fuji, Empire or Granny Smith Apples or any Crabapples. Fertilize annually with organic fertilizer.

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