Glazed Clay Birdbath, Heaven Blue - 24.5" Tall

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This beautiful glazed birdbath makes a great garden focal point, and makes for some happy birds as well! Your feathered friends will love splashing around in the water that you provide. Birds are attracted to places that consistently have fresh water and a reliable food source. Attract more birds by providing for their needs.
  • Place your birdbath away from foliage where predators hide
  • Place your birdbath a few yards from trees so that birds can perch on limbs and groom themselves
  • Keep water fresh to attract birds and prevent algae
  • Add some filler or rocks for birds to land on when drinking or bathing
  • To prevent water from freezing in your birdbath in the winter use a de-icer.
  • If your birdbath cannot be maintained in the winter turn your birdbath top over or take indoors. Freezing water may cause cracking.
Made in Roseville, Ohio - 33484680

17.5” diameter x 24.5” high, sold as a set only.