Grecian Windflowers - Pack of 20 Bulbs

Green foliage support daisy-like flowers in a blend of deep and light blues, white, and shades of pink. Soak the bulbs for 2 hours in lukewarm water before planting to add moisture back to the bulb; this helps to jump start rooting. The bulbs will form a nice colony if comfortable with planting site. Grecian Windflowers are easy to grow in full sun to partial shade in moist, well-drained soil.
  • Planting Depth: 3 Inches
  • Bulbs per Square Foot: 12
  • Grows 4"-6" tall
  • Blooms in mid Spring
  • Deer resistant
  • A great container plant
  • Winter Hardy
  • Hardy in zones 4-10
  • Light Requirements: Full sun to partial sun
  • Color: White, Pink, Purple
  • Anemone blanda 'Mixture'
  • 1290900770

We have done our best to describe this plant as accurately as possible, however, different growing conditions may affect height, bloom time, and color.

Color mixture is random and may vary from the image.

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