Greenview Fairway Formula Seeding Success Mulch & Fertilizer

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GreenView Fairway Formula Seeding Success is a combination product of paper mulch, starter fertilizer and a tackifier used to help grass seed germinate. Pair with your favorite grass seed to effectively repair bare spots, seed a new lawn or area, or over-seed an existing lawn. You choose the seed to match your lawn's needs.

  • Pellets hold 3x their weight in water, keeping grass seed moist
  • Promotes growth with less watering
  • Biodegrades for no clean-up
  • Unlike straw, Seeding Success will never introduce weeds into your lawn
  • Starter fertilizer is specially formulated to promote strong new roots
  • Tackifier holds seeds in place
  • Coverage 380 sq. ft.

(Not available for sale in HI)