Happy Face® Potentilla, 2-Gallon


Potentilla fruticosa Happy Face® ('Happy Face®')
Happy Face® Cinquefoil

  • Produces an abundance of large yellow flowers
  • Blooms from spring to late summer
  • Low-maintenance
  • Deer resistant
  • Very hardy
  • Dense habit
  • Dark, healthy foliage

Category: Shrub
Breeder: Proven Winners
Hardiness Zone: 2-7
Height: 2-3 ft
Spread: 2-3 ft
Bloom Color: Yellow Shades

The flowers of this very hardy Potentilla are so big and bright they make other Potentilla seem weak and wimpy in comparison! It produces an abundance of big yellow flowers from spring until late summer as bloom covers its dense habit while dark, healthy foliage add to its appeal. This is a wonderful, low-maintenance plant for adding bright color to the summer landscape and will look great alone or grouped to form a low border planting in any sunny spot, Deer resistant.

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