Heath Universal Squirrel Baffle

by Heath
Put pesky squirrels in their place—out of your bird feeder—with the Heath Universal Squirrel Baffle. Designed to tip at the slightest touch, it will topple those sneaky squirrels trying to get at your bird food. The universal-design is easy to set up with hanging or pole-mounted bird feeders, and thanks to the high-strength polycarbonate plastic, it can stand up to the elements for squirrel-toppling action through the seasons. Plus, it stays clear even when out in the sunlight since it’s also UV-resistant!
  • Tips to keep hungry squirrels away from bird feed
  • Durable polycarbonate plastic construction
  • Universal design works with most pole-mounted or hanging feeders
  • Clear, UV-resistant design won’t detract from the look of your feeder
  • Easy set-up with hardware included