Genovese Green Basil 1-Gallon


Ocimum b. Genovese
Annual Herb

Height: 18-24 Inches
Spread: 12-15 Inches
Light Requirement: Full Sun
Hardiness Zone:
  • Shiny, cupped green foliage
  • Strong aroma and taste
  • Great on deck containers or windowsills
  • Pinch continually to prevent blooming

A culinary must, this herb's shiny, cupped green foliage is prized for its strong aroma and taste in all Italian foods, fresh tomato salads and pesto. Genovese basil craves a sunny, warm garden spot and thrives in containers on a deck or a sunny kitchen windowsill. Continually pinching is very important to prevent blooming, which radically alters the taste of the plant and makes its flavor less desirable.