Herb, Bronze Fennel - 1 Gallon

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Bronze Fennel
Perennial Herb

Height: 3-4 Inches
Spread: 12-18 Inches
Zone: 4-8 What is my zone?

Tasty and decorative, this aggressively tall growing herb will look great with is bronze foliage and and wispy texture while providing great flavor to a number of foods. All fennel varieties are key components in creating the flavor of Italian sausage and have a myriad of other cooking uses but in the past they it was widely used medicinally and to ward off evil spirits! While it may not keep evil from your home today, it will provide you with great use in the ornamental garden as its color and texture combines very well interplanted with roses or even planted and combined in mixed containers. Bronze Fennel can seed aggressively so you may want to cut off its chartreuse colore flat heads of bloom when they appear in the summer.

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