Herb, Catnip 1-Gallon


Nepeta Cataria
Perennial Herb

Bloom Color: Green Shades, White Shades
Height: 1-3 Feet
Spread: 12-24 Inches
Plant Light: Full Sun
Hardiness Zone: 4-8 

  • Easy to grow
  • Forms dense, bushy plant
  • Dark green foliage
  • Spikes of purple-spotted white flowers
  • Perfect for tea, and cats love it!
Treat your feline friends to a treat they can't resist! Catnip is a dream to grow, easily forming a dense, bushy plant with dark green foliage. Its spikes of purple-spotted white flowers will catch your eye. Catnip makes pretty tasty tea for human consumption but you'll have to fight your cat for it. Be sure to put it out of reach so it can survive continued feline visitations! 
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