Herb, Mosquito Plant 1-Gallon

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Pelargonium citrosa
Mosquito Plant - Scented Geranium
Annual Herb

Height: 3-4 Feet
Spread: 24-30 Inches
Zone: 8-10 What is my zone?
  • Large and bushy
  • Nicely cut and lobed foliage
  • Fragrant citrusy scent
  • Scent repels mosquitoes
  • Great for potpourri
  • Great in an inside or outside container

Wow, what a plant! Big and bushy with nicely cut and lobed foliage, this scented geranium produces a citrus scent that will have you looking for the citrus trees! Rubbing fresh leaves on skin not only produces a sweet aroma but is reputed to even deter pesty mosquitoes. Perfect for potpourris and, also, for growing in containers, inside or out. Loves full sun.

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