Herb, Lady Plymouth Scented Geranium 1 Gallon

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Pelargonium citrosa Lady Plymouth
Lady Plymouth Variegated Mosquito Plant
Annual Herb

Color: Green Shades
Height: 10-12 Inches
Spread: 12-18 Inches
Zone: 8-10 What is my zone?
  • Strong citrus-rose fragrance
  • Green variegated foliage with white edges
  • Wide, deeply serrated foliage
  • Dense, compact form
  • Great for the garden or containers
  • Many culinary uses
'Lady Plymouth' is a scented Geranium that brings a delightful, strong, citrus-rose scent to the herb garden. Rubbing its strongly variegated leaves will release its pleasing scent. The wide, deeply serrated foliage has a distinctive edging band of pure white making it stand out even more in your garden. Harvest the leaves by snipping with scissors. Its dense compact form is at home in the garden or container. You can flavor sugar by layering sugar and 'Lady Plymouth' leaves in a jar for 3 to 4 weeks. Also, you can dry the leaves for use in potpourri. Read about drying and making teas and potpourri in Sara's Sage Advice handbook.

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