Calcium Chloride Pellets Ice Melt 50 lb. Bag

This concentrated calcium chloride ice melt generates heat on contact and works effectively in temperatures down to -25° F. The spherical shape of the pellet bores straight down through ice, to help you achieve a safer walkway or driveway faster than traditional salt-based ice melt. When used as directed it is safer on grass, shrubs, plants and concrete and leaves no powdery white residue. Remove any leftover product after the surface is cleared of ice & snow.
  • 90% Calcium Chloride Pellet from Occidental Chemical Corporation (packaged by Vaporizer)
  • Low temperature performance (Melts to -25°F)
  • Works instantly to cut through ice
  • Long Lasting
  • Melts 3x more ice/snow than sodium chloride (salt) and 2x more than blend
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