Road Runner Blend Ice Melt 50-Lbs.


This ice melt blend contains a balance of premium calcium & magnesium pellets, plus potassium chloride and sodium chloride to melt ice and snow quicker and for longer. It begins melting immediately upon impact and works better than rock salt to cut down snow and ice fast. Make your walkways and driveway safer, faster with Road Runner ice melt blend.

  • Melts to -15 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Apply fewer times than rock salt
  • Safe on streets, driveways, concrete sidewalks, steps and the environment when applied as directed
  • Non-tracking, odorless & colorless
  • Convenient storage bucket with handle
  • Keep a bucket in your vehicle, on your front porch, by the back door and anywhere else you need to keep a clear walkway for safety
  • Remove any excess product after walkway is cleared of ice & snow