LickiMat® UFO for Dogs


Distract, entertain, reduce stress and anxiety with a LickiMat UFO Shower and Bath companion. This no-mess boredeom buster keeps your dog distracted during bath time and grooming. 7 suction cups allow it to adhere to vertical surfaces, while high sides capture food and saliva. It's perfect for peanut butter, yogurt, mashed banana, frozen treats, and more! Also makes an ideal slow feeder. Great for all sizes & breeds including puppies.

  • Made with soft rubber Soother nubs
  • 250g of 100% natural rubber
  • 100% dishwasher safe
  • Designed for Hydrotherapy
  • Excellent grooming and bathing distractor
  • Great for travel, avoiding the mess

How does the Lickimat® work?
The Lickimat® is simple, yet ingenious in its design. The bumpy texture traps tiny bits of food allowing you to quickly and easily apply soft food and treats your dog will absolutely love. It is both easy to clean and easy to use, making the product a delight for you as well. Try different recipes to find what your dog likes the most. Experiment with foods like peanut butter, yogurt/cottage cheese, softened fish, savory gravy, dog toothpaste, wet dog food, pureed fruit, puppy ice cream.

Why does the Lickimat® work?
Plain and simple: Licking releases pleasurable endorphins. Add your dog's favorite food to a mat they can lick over and over and you can help stressful dogs, bored dogs, fearful dogs, anxious dogs, and hyper puppies.

Your dog will always lick with or without a Lickimat. The question is not will the Lickimat work. The question is, would you rather have your dog licking your couch, your shoes, your floors or would you rather your dog lick a non-toxic soft mat designed for that purpose? Consistently give your dog a Lickimat every day and you will see that the licking and other bad behaviors will stop. Dogs thrive off of routines and consistency.