Old Fashioned Moth Balls, 1 Lb.

by Enoz

Enoz is the only brand of moth preventives still made in the USA! All Enoz products are EPA registered and provide the only sure method of killing destructive moths, moth eggs and larvae. Enoz Moth Balls, Flakes and Crystals are ideal to use for long-term or seasonal storage of your valuable clothing and other household items storage areas such as drawers, chests and trunks. Enoz Moth Preventives penetrate every fold and crease of stored items ensuring worry-free moth protection.

The mothballs in this container can treat roughly 50 cubic feet. Each single use packet of mothballs can treat up to 24.8 cubic feet. Place moth balls packets at the bottom of storage space or container, between folds and layers of articles and an extra amount on top before closing container. Ideal for use on fabrics containing Wool or Wool blends. See product label for additional information.

  • Contains two 8 oz. single use packets
  • Protective wrap – no direct contact with skin
  • Air flows through packet so active ingredients can work