Blushingstar Peach Tree, 7-Gallon

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Prunus Blushingstar

Color: Pink Shades
Zone: 5-8

(Semi-Dwarf) Get ready all you white Peach lovers! This selection from the acclaimed Stellar series of Peaches will thrill you will its toughness, ease of growth, bountifulness, and its great taste! Blushingstar® is a mid-season bloomer that loads up with perfectly beautiful pinkish-lavender flowers in late April or early May. Copious amounts of fruit develop quickly and mature in midseason (late July) to 2.5 to 3 diameter Peaches that are sweetly colored pink to red. The mature fruit looks tasty and when you cut it open to reveal its white flesh and to unleash its one-of-a-kind sweet aroma, youll be hooked! Blushingstar® is a freestone selection and self-pollinating. Its vigorous nature and hardiness are a home orchard asset along with its excellent resistance to bacterial spot.

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