Pink Double Knock Out® Rose, 3-Gallon

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Rosa Double Pink Knock Out®
Perennial Shrub

Color: Pink Shades
Height: 3-4 Feet
Spread: 3-4 Feet
Zone: 4-8 What is my zone?
  • Northern hardy
  • Prolific bloomer
  • Dense, compact form
  • Deep green foliage
  • Hot pink, 3" diameter flowers May through October
  • Disease resistant
(Northern Hardy) Like its relative "Double Knock Out®', 'Double Pink Knock Out®' will offer you a rose that is so carefree in your garden that it will remind you of the best flowering shrub you can think of with a hundred times the color!! 'Double Pink Knockout' is a prolific bloomer with loads of flower buds rising above its dense, compact form and deep green foliage From May to October and opening to the sweetest double hot pink, 3" diameter flowers you'll ever see! It's a dream garden plant for your landscape because of the color but also because it is so carefree, so disease resistant that you'll want to mass them in any sunny spot you can find so you can fill your yard with season long color!!

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