Red Drift® Groundcover Rose, 2-Gallon


Rosa Red Drift®: Patent PP17877

  • Disease Resistant
  • Repeat bloomer from Spring until first frost
  • Northern hardy
  • Great in the landscape or container
  • More cascading look
  • Massive bunches of small, eye catching red double flowers
  • Blooms from late May to mid-fall

Category: Rose
Breeder: Drift Roses
Hardiness Zone: 4-8
Height: 1-2 ft
Spread: 2-3 ft
Bloom Color: Red Shades

(Northern Hardy) Slightly different in form with a more cascading look rather than the more tight, compact, rounded look or its relatives, Red Drift® will bring a great, pendulous element to your landscape or a container with a flowing form that is accentuated by its massive bunches of small, eye catching red double flowers. Like all Drift® Roses, Red Drift® blooms long and powerfully from late May to mid fall and will be a low maintenance wonder along a walkway, in a small landscape sliver or in a container where its somewhat draping form make you gasp with delight.

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