Herb, Salem Rosemary 1-Gallon


Rosmarinus officinalis, Salem
Tender Perennial Herb

Color: Green Shades
Height: 2-3 Feet
Spread: 1-2 Feet
Hardiness Zone: 7-9 

  • Great scent and flavor
  • Aromatic, tasty foliage
  • Strongly upright form
  • More formal neatness than other selections
  • Longer, deep green foliage

Every rosemary selection can seduce you with its great scent and flavor. 'Salem' is no exception, providing incredibly aromatic, tasty foliage that will have your mouth watering. Where 'Salem' differs is with its outstanding form. While Rosemary varieties like 'Arp' tend to sprawl a bit and look loose at times, 'Salem' displays a strongly upright form and a neatness that can only be describe as more formal than other selections. It's a very effective form for using in a formal herb garden or a container and, when left to get a little woody, its stems make a perfect, aromatic skewer for use on the grill. 

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