Solmate Socks Mismatched Kids Socks, June Bug


Life's too short for matching socks!

Solmate Kids Socks come in sets of 3: A pair + 1 spare! These June Bug Kids Socks pack all the bold and beautiful colors of the great outdoors in a playful, mismatched palette. Colors in this sock: apple green, burgundy, turquoise, forest green.

62% Recycled Cotton, 22% Recycled Polyester, 15% Nylon, 1% Lycra.


Every pair of Solmate socks is locally-crafted and hand-finished at their own mill in hickory, North Carolina. All of their products are made out of recycled cotton yarns, so they not only look good and feel good, but do good for the planet too.

In addition to sustainable production they take great pride in caring for their employees, valuing people over profit. As ethical practices are paramount to their brand, they pay all of their employees living wages, along with generous medical benefits. They are proud to be one of the few mills in the American hosiery industry that offers these types of benefits, and hope to inspire more to do the same.