Stanley Plum Tree, 7-Gallon

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Prunus X 'Stanley'

Color: Purple Shades
Zone: 5-8

  • Dependable and fruitful
  • Dense, rounded form
  • Profuse, fragrant white flowers early May
  • Small fruit after the blooms
  • Mature fruit in September
  • Self-fruitful
  • Tasty prune-type plum
  • Purple skinned and yellow fleshed plum
  • High sugar content that is great fresh or dried

Fruitful and dependable, 'Stanley' is as decorative as it is productive, with a dense, rounded form and an extremely profuse, fragrant show of single white flowers in early May. The whole tree may be completely obscured by this bloom that lasts up to 2 weeks with countless small fruit following soon after the bloom passes. This fruit grows and finally matures in September, producing a tasty prune-type plum that has purple skin, yellow flesh and a high sugar content that is great fresh or dried. 'Stanley' is self-fruitful so it is self-sufficient in producing its huge crop of tasty plums.

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