Vegetable and Herb Plants, Bonnie Plants

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Started in 1918, Bonnie Plants are now available in all 50 states (plus Canada) and come in nearly 300 plant varieties. From the start, Bonnie Plant's goal has been to provide top-quality vegetable and herb plants at a decent price, so customers can experience the joy and satisfaction of growing their own fresh food to feed their families. Plants available at our store may include:

  • Cherry Tomatoes, Slicing Tomatoes, Sauce Tomatoes, Heirloom Tomatoes
  • Eggplant 
  • Hot Peppers, Sweet Peppers
  • Cucumbers and Squash 
  • Strawberries
  • An Assortment of Herb Plants
  • Mosquito (citronella) Plants

The Bonnie Plants Sale's Staff maintain and stock our Bonnie Plant display. Not all Bonnie Plant varieties are available or in stock.
Please check store for availability.

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