Bill Guzie

Bill’s Landscaping

Matt – Again, I thank you for that you do it’s why I will not buy anywhere else. I had a rep from [another Gravely dealer] the other day stop by looking for our business. I told him how happy I was with you and Ellington Agway and he told that was great and that he hears nothing but great stuff about you guys!

David Sciascia

Elite Renovations
Hugh – I wanted to thank you again for a fantastic sales experience. Your expertise and knowledge of the Mahindra line up was excellent and helping me decide on the 3550 was definitely the right decision for me and my property. The tractor is the perfect size, power and capacity for all the work I have around the house. The box blade has proven to be almost as integral as the tractor itself – it’s cut down on grading time and I can see it being used for many different projects.... Read more.

D. Nichols

Matt and Ross – Just a note to say that Guy just left. After replacing the actuator the tractor started right up. I know we all hope this the final fix. I appreciate the support that your team has provided on this problem. As you know I have several pieces of equipment purchased from you and I continue to be delighted with Ellington Agway Power Equipment. I have recommended you to anyone I know is in the market for any equipment and will continue to do so. You have always made me feel as a special customer even though I know you probably have bigger customers. Thank you!

Greg Frey

Good morning Matt,

Nice to see the picture of your dad in a recent flyer. Thirty years, how quickly they go by. You and he have been able to do something that most fathers and sons don't have the opportunity to do, actually work together professionally. And what makes it really unusual is that you're both really good at what you do. Congratulations to you both.

So my spring time flyer arrived this week with the tractor tune-up specials. I'd like to get on your list for service.

All last season the tractor ran very well so I'm not aware of any obvious problems. I have the coupon for the 50% off the travel charge. Also in the flyer it mentions a $5.00 off hourly labor rate and a 5% discount on service parts for customers

whose equipment was purchased at Ellington Agway. That would be me. Actually going back many years I've now purchased two John Deere tractors, two snowblowers, two chain saws, two grass trimmers and two generators, and that doesn't count the many, many pets items, including horse fencing, that we've purchased.

The best thing about all the mechanical things I have is the excellent service that Agway has always provided. It doesn't matter if the item being serviced is only one year old or ten years old, the service is always excellent. And that's a credit to you Matt, on how that department functions.

I'll wait to hear from someone in service.

Hope things are going well for you and your family,


Don Bolduc

Matt - Thanks for sending the thank you card. Brett Demarchi and I bought them from you at the same time, and thanks for the great deal. The 28" SHO throws snow as advertised, I'm really happy with it so far. Thanks again, Don Bolduc.