Large High Reach Hanger SE992


Hang your birdfeeders, birdhouses, flower baskets, and more that high-up branch, wire, gutters, etc. in a fraction of the time with the High Reach Hanger. It takes just seconds and is simple enough for anyone to use. No ladder required!

Start by using a broom handle, pole, stick or other long handled device to insert into the spiral cone. Then attach your bird feeder or hanging plant onto the bottom hook & lift to hang! Hanging those high reaching jobs takes no time at all! Retrieving your feeders to refill and rehang them is quick and easy too.

The hanger holds up to 20 pounds, which can accommodate even the largest bird feeders or hanging plants. The lightweight, yet sturdy aluminum material is weather-resistant and backed by a Made in the USA high-quality guarantee.

Dimensions: 8.00 (D) x 4.00 (W) x 1.50 (H) inches

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