Perky Pet Dual Compartment Mesh Bird Feeder TSS00349

This versatile bird feeder allows you to offer two types of seed at once, maximizing turnout at the feeder! One of the two individual compartments is designed for Thistle/Nyjer seed or finch mixes, and the other is designed for mixed seed or Sunflower. The combination of the circular seed tray & mesh surfaces makes this feeder ideal for both clinging and perching birds, so you can take care of all of your feathered friends!
  • Powder coated all metal construction resist squirrels, weather & damage
  • Sure-Lock cap tightly secures lid to keep squirrels out
  • Built-in drain holes keep seed fresh & dry
  • Holds up to 2.85 lb of mixed seed or 1.10 lb of Sunflower plus 1.75 lb of Thistle/Nyjer
  • Dimensions: 12" high x 7.5" round
*Feeder color may vary
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