Squirrel Buster Plus Bird Feeder #1024

by Brome
Squirrel Buster Plus breaks new ground with design features available for the first time on any bird feeder. Over 4 million happy clients (and well-fed birds) confirm that the patented Squirrel Buster system is truly squirrel proof! Openings in the bottom section of the feeder (shroud) align with seed ports, providing birds access to the seed. When a squirrel climbs onto the feeder, its weight automatically forces the shroud down, closing the seed ports. Squirrels and large birds are foiled but not harmed in any way.
Thick, adjustable-length perches with textured surfaces provide a secure and comfortable grip for birds. Attract small birds such as Chickadees and Finches (while deterring larger birds like Grackles and Starlings) by shortening the perches. Perches can also be extended just enough to attract medium-sized birds including Grosbeaks and Woodpeckers. Grackles, Starlings, and Doves can be deterred by using variable length perches and the adjustable spring mechanism. 
  • Truly Squirrel proof
  • Holds 3 quarts (5.1 lbs.) of seed
  • Weight adjustable to help control unwanted birds
  • Chew proof
  • Works great with mixed seed, sunflower and/or safflower seed
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